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Urine Test

Urine Test

At the Classic Care Medical Center, we believe in offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostics to support and empower your healthcare journey. Among our top-tier medical services, we are proud to offer an advanced Urine Testing Service. This procedure, though simple, plays a critical role in diagnosing and managing several health conditions.

Why Choose Us for Urine Test?

At Classic Care, our commitment is to ensure you receive top-notch medical services in a comfortable, compassionate environment. We possess a fully-equipped lab managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced medical professionals who follow stringent quality standards.


  • Sample Collection: We provide clear instructions on how to collect and store the urine sample accurately, ensuring the sample is viable for testing.

  • Performing Tests: Our trained technicians conduct a range of tests on the urine sample, from routine urinalysis to specialized tests, depending on your doctor’s orders.

  • Ensuring Sterility: We maintain a sterile environment to prevent sample contamination, providing accurate and reliable results.

  • Result Analysis: Our experts analyze test results and present them in a clear, understandable format to you and your physician.

  • Patient Communication: We ensure you understand the results and their implications for your health. We answer any queries and work closely with your primary care provider for follow-up actions.